In Many Truck Accidents, It All Comes Down To The Tires

Have you ever been on the highway doing 65 mph only for a huge truck to zoom past you doing what you are convinced is more than 90 mph?

Truck AccidentsYou probably took notice not just because of its speed but also the lurch your car experienced as the speeding monster overtook you. While there are laws that require vehicles adhere to certain speed limits, the reality is that many drivers including truckers sometimes exceed it and that causes truck accidents.

Truck Accident and the Many Causes

There are multiple risks that come with speeding trucks. The most obvious is the driver has less control of the vehicle should something happen. The other risk albeit less apparent is that speeding tests the limits of the vehicle’s tires. Many truck tires are designed to comfortably withstand sustained speeds of 75mph or less. This does not mean the tires will give way the moment this speed is exceeded. Rather, the longer the truck drives at higher speeds, the higher the possibility the tire will experience catastrophic failure.

Driving a truck beyond the rated speed of its tires is courting disaster. Remember, the tires achieve traction because of the friction they have with the road surface. A byproduct of this contact is heat and this increases with higher speeds. This is particularly pronounced on asphalt roads as they experience higher surface temperature than concrete roads under similar conditions. The heat can accelerate the disintegration of the tire. You have likely seen the remains of truck tires littering the country’s highways.

High Number of Truck Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the country had 14,000 accidents involving commercial trucks between 2009 and 2013. Of these, nearly 200 are a result of tire failures. It would be safe to assume that a significant proportion of these tire accidents occur due to speeding.

Truckers have argued that the bulk of tire accidents should be blamed on manufacturers. As evidence, they have cited the disproportionately high number of such failures attributed to specific brands. The trucking industry has also pointed to the high highway speed limit in some states. The NHTSA has rebuffed these allegations and insisted drivers are at fault in majority of cases.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) requires truck drivers to understand the limit of their equipment and always prioritize safety considerations. The regulations task drivers with ensuring the vehicle is regularly serviced and tires closely inspected for wear and tear. Checking all the tires on an 18 wheeler can seem tedious. However, it not only reduces the risk of a serious accident but it also makes resolution of insurance cases around truck accidents less complicated.

Note that inspecting tires is not only about examining the physical surface for early signs of failure. Keep an eye on tire pressure and have it checked regularly or before embarking on a major trip. The load on each tire will vary based on its position and many truck fleets have different specifications for trailer, drive and steer tires.

Always check tire pressure at times when outside temperatures are low (e.g. in the morning) and before the truck has been driven for long. Heat tends to increase the tire’s pressure and can lead to an overestimation of the tire’s ‘real’ pressure. As a general rule, an under inflated tire is a significantly higher risk than one that is over inflated by a few notches. The under inflated tire will have more contact with the road surface and has a higher risk of collapse during high speeds.

Questions about Truck Accidents call an Attorney

If a tire leads to a truck accident, the driver and the company they work for could be found liable for the damage and injuries to the other party. When faced with a truck tire accident, it is important for both parties to seek the services of a truck accident attorneyThis will ensure their interests are adequately protected.


Smartphone App and Distracted Driving for Teens

Distracted Driving for TeensWhile anyone of all ages should consider the dangers of distracted driving, this issue is even more problematic among teenage drivers who stand to suffer critical injuries and are more likely to cause accidents or be involved in accidents as a result of distracted driving.

Plenty of research has made an attempt to dive into these critical issues and determine exactly why this behavior remains so persistent despite devastating Boca Raton crashes and plenty of research illustrating just how deadly this behavior can be.

Why People Continue to Drive Distracted

The problem is that many people, not just teenagers, believe that they are immune to the distractions dangers because they assume they are more in control and more focused than other drivers.

Studies, however, show that when it comes to texting and driving, teenagers are generally getting the message and understand that it can be dangerous to send, receive or read text messages behind the wheel of the car.

However, SADD and Liberty Mutual Insurance recently teamed up to complete a research study identified that teens don’t feel the same way about smartphone applications.

In fact, up to 70% of teenagers involved in the study admitted to using smartphone app while behind the wheel of a car and a further 80% thought that the apps are not as distracting as text messaging.

This could mean that there is a breakdown in communication about the dangers of distracted driving. While texting and driving is certainly a negative behavior that has been associated with many different kinds of accidents, if teens are getting the message that texting and driving is the only form of dangerous distracted driving, other behaviors may still persist and put them at higher risk of causing an accident.

The most common application used by teens behind the wheel of a car are navigation and music related. Programming a navigation application prior to driving is a good way for parents to reinforce positive behavior for teenagers.

Likewise, pulling over if an application needs to be pulled up can help to prevent distraction on the road. If you or someone you know has already been involved in a distracted driving accident as a result of a teenager who simply wasn’t paying attention behind the wheel of a car, there is a good chance that you are suffering critical injuries and are undergoing costly and painful treatments associated with addressing those injuries.

Most people who suffer injuries in a distracted driving crash will have consistent pain that lasts for months or even years after the accident is over. Even with today’s advanced medical treatments and pain medications that help to mitigate the problem, someone who suffers serious injuries like a traumatic brain injury or whiplash may feel that getting through the day to day is more challenging for years beyond when their treatments have completed.

Personal injury law empowers victims who have suffered at the hands of someone who is not paying attention or otherwise breaking the rules behind the wheel of a car, to hold that individual responsible by filing a personal injury claim.

The most important thing victims in this situation can do to protect themselves is to get accurate medical treatment and receive a prognosis from a physician and then consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

A personal injury lawyer can determine what is most appropriate for the person at hand and can help to recommend whether or not filing a personal injury case is the right next step.

Consulting with a lawyer as soon as possible helps to share the information while it is still fresh in your mind and get an accurate perspective of what it would look like if your case made through to the court.

In some situations, these personal injury cases can be resolved outside of court, saving time and expense.

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Get Help from Boca Raton Car Accident Today

However, it is equally important to identify a lawyer who is comfortable going into the litigation stage if you are unable to resolve the case outside the court.

The right personal injury lawyer can make a big difference on the outcome of your case. If distracted driving has forever changed your life, contact Experienced Boca Raton Personal Injury Attorney to learn more about protecting yourself.

Learn more about handling settlement check problems with your car accident claim:

How an Attorney Can Help You When Your Settlement Check Is Delayed?

Settlement CheckIn an ideal situation, what follows filing a Florida personal injury claim should be an aggressive effort on the part of your personal injury lawyer to work towards a settlement with the insurance company. This can happen at any time during the litigation process.

If you have received a personal injury settlement check offer that you have accepted from the insurance company, you may be expecting that everything will wrap up relatively quickly.

Why a Personal Injury Attorney?

Unfortunately, delays in receiving your settlement check can be extremely problematic for you. You may be under the impression that everything is over and that you’ll soon have the essential financial support that you need to move on with your life.

However, this is a great opportunity to rely on your personal injury attorney to help you with this situation. If you are at the point where you have reached the settlement with the adjuster to settle the injury claim, then you have already sent your confirmation like a letter accepting this, now you are in a waiting period.

If it has been a few weeks and the check has not arrived, what to do next? Your check should always arrive a few weeks after your agreement is reached.

However, no matter what the cause of the delay, your personal injury attorney can help you throughout the duration of your personal injury claim to speak directly with the insurance company.

Trying to handle the insurance company on your own can be overwhelming, confusing and frustrating. Retaining an attorney early on in a personal injury claim process, however, allows you to pass this responsibility on to someone else who may be more experienced in dealing with insurance companies.

The insurance company may delay communication with you or be cagey about it, providing you details at any stage in your claim because they will count on you simply giving up and going away.

However, if you have somebody advocating for you and pushing for further details to be released, you may have a better chance of having your injury claim closed out sooner rather than later.

Common Reasons for Delays with Settlement Checks

There may be a legitimate reason why you have not received a settlement check yet. These can include:

The home office for the insurance company is located far away from you, so the delivery of your official check may take longer.

The supervisor for your insurance adjustor may be out of the office due to illness or vacation, so he or she may not have been able to officially sign off on your claim.

If the claim was already approved by the supervisor and has been sent to the payment department located in another geographic location, it may be pending approval in that place.

The claims adjustor may have taken time off for illness or vacation shortly after settling your claim and never sent the paper work on to the supervisor for final approval.

A two-week delay in receiving your settlement check may be more common, even though three weeks might be acceptable if it’s for legitimate reasons. If it takes longer than this time period, you need to consult with your attorney. Your attorney may follow up directly with the adjustor. Calling after this time period has passed can help to push things along.

Make sure you keep notes of every day and the time that you contact the insurance adjustor. Request that your attorney do the same. Your attorney may also be more successful by asking to speak with the adjuster’s supervisor. If 30 days have gone by, however, and you still have not received your settlement check, it may be an opportunity to consult with the State Insurance Board.

Again, without a knowledgeable personal injury attorney helping you with this process, you may be unfamiliar with your rights and the insurance company may be counting on this so that they can justify their delay.

If you do have to file a complaint with the State Insurance Board, an insurance investigator would be added to your case. You may also be eligible to pursue a bad faith lawsuit against the company, if the insurance company refuses your check while having no legitimate reason to do so.

You would need an attorney to file a bad faith case. In any situation, you must not work with an insurance company following a personal injury accident. Having an experienced attorney at your side is extremely valuable.

When you are not able to get information from the insurance company, frequently receiving a call from an attorney can help to push otherwise non-compliant individuals into helping you figure out what to do next. A personal injury attorney can help move things along so that you can truly focus on recovery and other important aspects of your claim.


Why are Americans Spending More Time Driving than any other means of Travel?

Average Time Spent in a CarWith gas prices dropping, it probably comes as no surprise that Americans are spending more time behind the wheel of their car. More people are hitting the open road and the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has analyzed this in their recent driving study.

In fact, the average American spends 17,600 minutes driving a vehicle each year. In the past year, drivers traveled an average of nearly 11,000 miles and spent more than 290 hours on the road overall. This translates to approximately 740-hour work weeks.

Other Interesting Study Findings

The research study also found that men spent 18% more time behind the wheel than women and drive up to 24% more miles each day. Unfortunately, there can be consequences for spending more time in the car if other drivers on the road don’t have the same respect and understanding for safety. Continue reading Why are Americans Spending More Time Driving than any other means of Travel?

What to Do If the Insurance Company Just Won’t Cooperate with You After Your Car Accident

In the moments after your car accident, calling your car insurance company and letting them know that there’s been an accident is probably one of your first stops.

However, it can be frustrating when you go through the experience and feel as though the insurance company is not going to work with you. They might delay handling your claim or tell you that the damage is not as severe as you think it will be.

You might be thinking that your insurance company will treat you fairly because the accident wasn’t your fault or because you have been a loyal paying customer 0,for years.

Dealing with your insurance company or the other party’s insurance company can be frustrating, but you need to report the accident immediately in order to protect yourself.

It can take a long time for a lawsuit to work its way through the Florida courts, so help your case by getting the ball rolling sooner rather than later. If your medical bills are piling up and things feel unmanageable, get help from a lawyer. Continue reading What to Do If the Insurance Company Just Won’t Cooperate with You After Your Car Accident

Simple Safety Tips that Can Help Save Your LIfe in a Car Accident

Driving is a skill much like any other one. You need to practice, and then repeatedly engage in safe behavior behind the wheel until you become a completely competent driver.

Unfortunately, all of that can come into question when another driver is distracted or disobeying safe road rules.

But while you can’t control everyone’s move on the road, there are several ways to avoid accidents in the first place, as well as ways you can minimize your injuries and damages in the event that an accident happens outside of your control.

Read on to learn about how these simple tips can help you after a car accident, and how these simple tips can even help save your life!

Drive a Safe Vehicle

Before you purchase any new vehicle, you should do your homework. Research safety ratings and other drivers’ experiences with specific makes and models. Doing this extra step could help minimize your injuries in the event of an accident. Continue reading Simple Safety Tips that Can Help Save Your LIfe in a Car Accident