Smartphone App and Distracted Driving for Teens

Distracted Driving for TeensWhile anyone of all ages should consider the dangers of distracted driving, this issue is even more problematic among teenage drivers who stand to suffer critical injuries and are more likely to cause accidents or be involved in accidents as a result of distracted driving.

Plenty of research has made an attempt to dive into these critical issues and determine exactly why this behavior remains so persistent despite devastating Boca Raton crashes and plenty of research illustrating just how deadly this behavior can be.

Why People Continue to Drive Distracted

The problem is that many people, not just teenagers, believe that they are immune to the distractions dangers because they assume they are more in control and more focused than other drivers.

Studies, however, show that when it comes to texting and driving, teenagers are generally getting the message and understand that it can be dangerous to send, receive or read text messages behind the wheel of the car.

However, SADD and Liberty Mutual Insurance recently teamed up to complete a research study identified that teens don’t feel the same way about smartphone applications.

In fact, up to 70% of teenagers involved in the study admitted to using smartphone app while behind the wheel of a car and a further 80% thought that the apps are not as distracting as text messaging.

This could mean that there is a breakdown in communication about the dangers of distracted driving. While texting and driving is certainly a negative behavior that has been associated with many different kinds of accidents, if teens are getting the message that texting and driving is the only form of dangerous distracted driving, other behaviors may still persist and put them at higher risk of causing an accident.

The most common application used by teens behind the wheel of a car are navigation and music related. Programming a navigation application prior to driving is a good way for parents to reinforce positive behavior for teenagers.

Likewise, pulling over if an application needs to be pulled up can help to prevent distraction on the road. If you or someone you know has already been involved in a distracted driving accident as a result of a teenager who simply wasn’t paying attention behind the wheel of a car, there is a good chance that you are suffering critical injuries and are undergoing costly and painful treatments associated with addressing those injuries.

Most people who suffer injuries in a distracted driving crash will have consistent pain that lasts for months or even years after the accident is over. Even with today’s advanced medical treatments and pain medications that help to mitigate the problem, someone who suffers serious injuries like a traumatic brain injury or whiplash may feel that getting through the day to day is more challenging for years beyond when their treatments have completed.

Personal injury law empowers victims who have suffered at the hands of someone who is not paying attention or otherwise breaking the rules behind the wheel of a car, to hold that individual responsible by filing a personal injury claim.

The most important thing victims in this situation can do to protect themselves is to get accurate medical treatment and receive a prognosis from a physician and then consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

A personal injury lawyer can determine what is most appropriate for the person at hand and can help to recommend whether or not filing a personal injury case is the right next step.

Consulting with a lawyer as soon as possible helps to share the information while it is still fresh in your mind and get an accurate perspective of what it would look like if your case made through to the court.

In some situations, these personal injury cases can be resolved outside of court, saving time and expense.

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However, it is equally important to identify a lawyer who is comfortable going into the litigation stage if you are unable to resolve the case outside the court.

The right personal injury lawyer can make a big difference on the outcome of your case. If distracted driving has forever changed your life, contact Experienced Boca Raton Personal Injury Attorney to learn more about protecting yourself.

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